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My name is Christine Ebner and I'm a multi-passionate creatress of a:musing art working from my atelier in Vienna, Austria.

I'm an introspective dreamer, a seasoned educator, and a mixed-media artist whose works are as multifaceted as the life I lead. A single mother to three young children, my heart beats in rhythm with the vibrant colors, patterns, and narratives that I bring to life in my Vienna-based atelier.

Limited edition art posters are available for you!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I’ve curated 15 images from hundreds of LoveSOS images to create a special collection of limited art posters. Each design in this selection is truly unique, and to keep it that way, I’m making exactly 14 copies of each.

They’re printed in DIN A2 size on high-quality, 220g Canson paper with a satin finish that brings each color and detail to life in a way you’ve got to see to believe. And because I believe in the personal touch, I’ll be adding my signature and the print count on the back of each poster.

Once they are sold out, they are gone & loved forever until death do know the story 😉

Embracing Tradition and Innovation: A Journey Through AI-Enhanced Self-Portraits

16.-28. February 2024

A Virtual Gallery Exhibition featuring artwork from 8 participating artists and creatives of the course "AI-Enhanced Self-Portraits"