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My name is Christine Ebner and I'm a multi-passionate creatress of a:musing art working from my atelier in Vienna, Austria.

I am exploring the unknown, unaware and hidden in my surroundings and myself. I do this by using analog and digital mixed media processes to have my very own "right now" appear. The tools and products I use give me endless opportunities for excitement and never leave me bored.

There are multiple ways I share my art, my creativity and thoughts with you. And there are various ways you can join me on my journey. Let's get inspired! ✨

Art and a:muse journaling

Follow me on Instagram to see my art and a:muse journalling processes or join my #MusenFreitag - my real life art journaling offer every second Friday of the month in my atelier.


I am travelling web3 with my art and if you ever wondered how you can do the same, please check out my training here: