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"If I knew words to describe my thoughts, I would be a writer.

If I knew music to express my feelings, I would be a composer.

If I knew how to be an actor, I would be on stage.

I am simple.

I know color and create art."

Christine Ebner

I am an outgoing introvert artist and single mom of three children, self-taught and a lifetime creative. My goal is to create thought-provoking, emotionally resonant works that explore the human experience. My art is bold and colorful, and is influenced by a wide range of sources, including theology, psychology and my very subjective "Right now". I use the layered ways of mixed media and experimentation to challenge myself and my audience. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to think deeply, to feel deeply, and to see the world in new and a:musing ways. I am the biggest believer in the power of (shared) creativity, and I love nothing more than a good question and an espresso latte.

🐣 born 1978 in Salzburg, Austria

👩‍🎓 MA Social and Cultural Anthropology (University of Vienna)

🎨 Visual Journal Faciliator and Creativity Coach


  • 2023 "Hört eh niemand zu", group exhibition #rundumadum of the ArtSalonWien
  • 2022 "The Fluid Batheress", Voxels exhibition House of Abstract, Metaverse
  • 2021 "This is the way", virtual exhibition "Monumental" curated by Sergio Gomez, Chicago/USA
  • 2013 "Al-Asr", Art Quilt Award, Delmenhorst/Germany

Collaborations and projects:


"a:muse in texture", Uppercase Magazine 2021

Ebner, Christine Aischa (2016) Müslüman çocukların ölüm tasavvurları (Muslimische Kinder und ihre Vorstellungen von Sterben und Tod). In: Sabah Ülkesi 48:46-49 Zusammenfassung auf Deutsch erschienen auf

Ebner, Christine / Tahiri, Yamina (2014) Das Gebet in der Schule – Unterrichtserfahrungen und Unterrichtswirklichkeit: Islamisches Gebet. In: Katja Boehme, Daniel Krochmalnik (Hg.) Gebet im Religionsunterricht in interreligiöser Perspektive. Religionspädagogische Gespräche von Juden, Christen und Muslimen 5:229-231

Ebner, Christine Aischa (2005) Die Sprache zur Freiheit. Die Welt der arabischen Frauenliteratur. In: Frauensolidarität 91/1: 12-13

Discoa:muse circle