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"If I knew words to describe my thoughts, I would be a writer.

If I knew music to express my feelings, I would be a composer.

If I knew how to be an actor, I would be on stage.

I am simple.

I know color and create art."

Christine Ebner

I'm an introspective dreamer, a seasoned educator, and a mixed-media artist whose works are as multifaceted as the life I lead. A single mother to three vibrant children, my heart beats in rhythm with the vibrant colors, patterns, and narratives that I bring to life in my Vienna-based atelier.

Armed with an MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology and a significant pursuit of a PhD in Islamic Theology, my academic pursuits mirror my inquisitiveness and passion for unraveling the intricate layers of human existence. I channel this deep understanding of human cultures and spiritual explorations into my art, embedding each creation with subtle narratives that invite onlookers to look beyond the surface.

Over 25 years, I've found joy and fulfillment in wearing many hats— as a teacher, lecturer, and educator, I've made a home in international organizations, research institutions, and the hallowed halls of academia. Yet, amid these varied roles, my true superpower resides in the magical realm of creation, a haven I first discovered as a very introverted child lost in the pages of Christine Nöstlinger's "Die feuerrote Friederike" and the practical creativity of "Das Handarbeitsbuch für Mädchen."

I term my artistic approach a:musing, a playful blend of internal inspirations and external triggers that I encounter in the 'right now'. This method turns into a soothing rhythm, where each brushstroke and pixel uncovers 'glimmers'— sparks of joy and amazement that calm the senses and tickle the soul. This dance of inspiration and discovery creates art that, like me, wears many hats - it's a mirror reflecting my emotional kaleidoscope, a window into my world, and a beacon inviting others to explore their creative depths.

In my vast repertoire of creativity, you'll find original mixed-media paintings on canvas, paper and fabric, cutting-edge digital/AI art, and comprehensive art courses and training sessions. Each piece of art I create, every course I curate, is an invitation to embark on an enchanting journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional creativity.

As you explore my work, I hope you uncover the glimmers that make you smile, soothe your senses, and inspire you to create—just like they do for me. Whether you're an artist, an art enthusiast, or a curious soul seeking artistic inspiration, join me on this journey. Let's discover the amusing in every day and bring our dreams to life, one creation at a time.

🐣 born 1978 in Salzburg, Austria

👩‍🎓 MA Social and Cultural Anthropology (University of Vienna)

🎨 Visual Journal Faciliator and Creativity Coach


  • 2024 "Kunstbrücke", balanceUP, summit, 17. April 2024
  • 2024 "hausfrauenkunst", ausstellungsraum wien, 11.-14.April 2024
  • 2024 "LoveSOS", wARTe Schauflächen, Kärntner Ring/Oper, 2.2.-3.3.2024
  • 2023 "Kunst zum Pflücken", KulturSchlinger, group exhibition of the ArtSalonWien
  • 2023 'Please square me', One Shot Photo Award Nominee, Kühlhaus Berlin
  • 2023 Showroom Schottentor 'Wissen, Handeln, Leuchten', Red Carpet Art Award, 2.-16. August 2023
  • 2023 Showroom Alters Landgut 'Leuchten', Red Carpet Art Award, 2.-23. August 2023
  • 2023 "Hört eh niemand zu", group exhibition #rundumadum of the ArtSalonWien
  • 2022 "The Fluid Batheress", Voxels exhibition House of Abstract, Metaverse
  • 2021 "This is the way", virtual exhibition "Monumental" curated by Sergio Gomez, Chicago/USA
  • 2013 "Al-Asr", Art Quilt Award, Delmenhorst/Germany

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"The World between 2 Covers: 43 artists from around the world creating IN and WITH journals - of course, naturally" | curated by Christine Ebner and Michelle Schratz, edited by Sabine Abels, 2024 | available wordwide on amazon

Sketchbook Hamburg Buch, 2023 -

"a:muse in texture", Uppercase Magazine 2021

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Ebner, Christine / Tahiri, Yamina (2014) Das Gebet in der Schule – Unterrichtserfahrungen und Unterrichtswirklichkeit: Islamisches Gebet. In: Katja Boehme, Daniel Krochmalnik (Hg.) Gebet im Religionsunterricht in interreligiöser Perspektive. Religionspädagogische Gespräche von Juden, Christen und Muslimen 5:229-231

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Discoa:muse circle