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علم - عمل - لمع | Knowledge - Action - Revelation (2023)

Wissen - Handeln - Leuchten on-going art project that mirrors the cyclic nature of life and art-making...

This art project is deeply inspired by the Arabic language system, where words are formed by so-called root letters. Usually, 3 letters form a word with a specific meaning and are then manipulated to become a noun, word or adjective. I took the root letters for the word علم (knowledge), rearranged them to form the word عمل (action) and again rearranged them to build the word لمع (revelation).

Obviously, inherent in the arabic language, these three letters highlight three interconnected aspects of both the artistic journey and life: 'Knowledge' ('علم'), 'Action' ('عمل'), and 'Revelation' ('لمع'). These concepts form a cycle that reflects our personal experiences in life and art, understood not linearly, but as an ever-evolving loop. It is not given, that we first have to learn knowledge, to then do it and then gain some insight. We could also start by doing to gain knowledge or have a revelation to figure out how we achieved it.

Public showrooms | August 2023

علم (knowledge) at the showroom 'Schottentor' | August 2-16, 2023

In the Schottentor showroom curated by the Red Carpet Art Award (August 2-16, 2023), the theme of 'Knowledge' was explored through large, mixed-media paintings on unstretched canvas. Here, a bold horizon serves as a metaphor for the dawn of understanding. It marks the beginning of the artistic journey, where new ideas emerge and creativity is born - one of the many steps in our collective artistic life journey.

These artworks intentionally were created for this location. The underground station 'Schottentor' is the exit to the Main University of Vienna, in which I spent many years of my young self to gain knowledge in all areas of subjects, mainly Social & Cultural Anthropology.

لمع (revelation) at the showroom 'Altes Landgut' | August 2-23, 2023

In parallel at the Altes Landgut showroom (August 2-23, 2023), 'Revelation' was unveiled. This is an immersive, intense, and very detailed mixed-media artwork that invites you to reflect and discover its and your own inner glow. The more you look, the more you find - layers of colors, patterns, and asemic words, each echoing the process of finding beauty in self-discovery.

This artwork is for sale. Please send an email to inquire.

عمل (action) | pre-lude and workshop at my Atelier2 in Vienna, Floridsdorf

Before the public exhibitions, the essential phase of 'Action' took place. This involved the idea generation, conceptualizing, and doing the manual work of art making. In my studio, raw creativity and inspiration were nurtured and given form.

Simultaneously, in August 2023, I conducted a hands-on workshop, putting the principle of 'Action' into practice. This was intended to be a space for participants to engage actively with the creative process, embodying the project's core philosophy.

'Kunst zum Pflücken' | December 1-3, 2023

An Invitation to Engage and Transform

The "Kunst zum Pflücken" event was a group exhibition of 16 artists organized by the ArtSalonWien (an artist community I co-founded) at the KulturSchlinger in Floridsdorf (December 1-3, 2023). It marked a second phase in the "Knowledge - Action - Revelation" project, where the cycle of creation took another public appearance and interactive turn.

Artistic Metamorphosis and Symbolic Presentation

Here, the large canvases from the Schottentor exhibition were re-imagined. I carefully segmented these pieces which were intentionally left unstretched, creating now 24 individual artworks (20x20 cm), each a fragment of the larger narrative yet complete in its new form. These pieces were not just transformed in appearance but also in how they were presented. Each of my artworks was attached to an empty, unbound journal, wrapped in gold thread and placed hanging freely between all the other artist's artwork from above. Visitors were invited to walk through all the art and inspect it from all sides. The delicate binding symbolized the connection between the artwork and the potential continuation of its journey.

The Golden Thread as a Symbol of Possibility

The gold thread was more than a physical link; it represented a choice, a possibility. Visitors to the exhibition were presented with the opportunity to 'unlock' these artworks by cutting the gold thread, symbolizing their active participation in the art's ongoing journey. Purchasing an artwork thus became an interactive, almost ceremonial act, inviting the new owner into a deeper relationship with the piece.

The inclusion of a journal - an unbound and empty journal with a piece of raw canvas as its cover - was purposeful yet unimposing. These journals, attached to the artwork, served as an invitation to continue the creative process, to engage with the themes of 'Action,' 'Knowledge,' and 'Revelation' in a personal, intimate setting - in a way true to the new owner's creativity. However, this is an invitation, not an obligation. The new owners of the artwork can choose to use the journal at home, exploring their creativity, or leave it as is, a testament to the artwork's journey and the potential paths it could inspire.

A Living, Evolving art project

"Kunst zum Pflücken" thus stood as a living testament to my understanding that art is not a static entity but a dynamic, evolving conversation. The exhibition not only showcased art but also fostered a community of interaction, reflection, and ongoing creation. It was an embodiment of the belief that art lives on beyond the gallery walls, continuing its journey in homes, in minds, and in the hearts of those who engage with it. I aim to inspire viewers to not only appreciate art but to engage with it as a dynamic, interactive process. This approach underscores my belief in art as a facilitator of dialogue, a medium through which we can connect, share, and evolve.

Join the Journey | Own a Piece of "Knowledge - Action - Revelation"

As this is an ongoing "Knowledge - Action - Revelation" art project, I want to give you the opportunity to get involved. I have 20 distinct artworks, each accompanied by its own journal, available for purchase (as of December 19th, 2023). These pieces are not just beautiful and unique artworks but invitations to continue the cycle of creativity and inspiration.

Artworks with a Story - Yours to Unfold

Each artwork is priced at 100 EUR, inclusive of shipping to most locations, offering you a tangible piece of this artistic journey. These unique artworks are more than just visual pieces; they are catalysts for your own creative journey. To acquire one of these special mixed media artworks, you can visit me in my atelier in Vienna or reach out via email. The selection of the artwork will be random, open to negotiation, emphasizing the synchronicity and spontaneity of inspiration.

The Journals: Unique Canvases for Your Creativity

Each journal, bound to the back of an artwork, is a one-of-a-kind canvas for your thoughts and creativity. These are not just blank pages but spaces for you to breathe openly, think freely, and make your mark. Whether through writing, collaging, painting, or any other form of expression, there is no right or wrong way to engage with these journals. They are works in progress, waiting for you to continue their story in the "Right Now."

An Invitation to Make a Stand and Be Creative

This is an invitation to not just own a piece of art but to become an active part of its narrative. By engaging with these journals, you are continuing the journey of 'Knowledge,' 'Action,' and 'Revelation.' It's your chance to be part of a larger dialogue, to contribute to an evolving artwork, and to explore the synchronicity of your own inspiration.

So, if you're ready to embark on this artistic journey, to add your voice to a unique piece of art, and to explore the realms of your creativity, I invite you to join me. Let's continue this cycle of art and inspiration together. If you own a piece of artwork already, I invite you to send me pictures and I will proudly feature them here as part of the project page and on my social media channels.

Email me here: ❤️