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“LoveSOS” is my heart poured out, an art collection born from my personal journey through love’s highs and lows. This project is a shout-out to all of us — dreamers, rebels, and anyone who’s ever been touched by love.

Love SOS is an evolving art project for dreamers and rebels.

With bright neon pinks, reds, and teals, and yes, a lot of hearts, I might tread into what some call kitsch. I want to grab your attention, to make you pause and think, maybe even smile or wonder about your own love stories.

Are you in love? Are you between loves, maybe out of love, or is it complicated?

I don’t have all the answers. Honestly, I have more questions than anything. But through “LoveSOS,” I want to start a conversation, a dialogue with you. What does love mean to you? Have you found it, lost it, or are you still searching?

Welcome to “LoveSOS”

I offer you visual beauty, a moment of color and emotion, hoping to spark curiosity, empathy, and maybe even a bit of self-reflection. Let’s explore love’s beauty and complexity together.

I’ve intentionally used Artificial Intelligence to generate these artworks.

I am "painting with words" in a way that is as unique as my traditional paintbrush or mixed-media art. Out of thousands of generated images, after endless tweaking, rendering, reimagining, and searching for the right tokens, I’ve crafted this collection.

It was a bit like searching for love—endlessly looking for that connection we all crave.

Limited edition art posters are available for you!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I’ve curated 15 images from hundreds of LoveSOS images to create a special collection of limited art posters. Each design in this selection is truly unique, and to keep it that way, I’m making exactly 14 copies of each.

They’re printed in DIN A2 size on high-quality, 220g Canson paper with a satin finish that brings each color and detail to life in a way you’ve got to see to believe. And because I believe in the personal touch, I’ll be adding my signature and the print count on the back of each poster.

Once they are sold out, they are gone & loved forever until death do know the story 😉

12 LoveSOS art posters on exhibit in central Vienna!

2nd February 2024 until after Valentine's Day😍 (3rd March 2024)

Sorry, if you missed it 😔

12 art posters of the very first part of the “LoveSOS” collection were on exhibit at the Kärntner Ring, near the Vienna Opera, in central Vienna, Austria.

It was a chance to see these posters live, to stand in front of them and feel the colors, the emotion, and the passion that went into each piece.