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Are you an artist, crafter, or creative who struggles to answer the question, Why are you creative? IN AN INSTANT?

Have you been asked, Why do you create? and found yourself at loss for words?

Does the thought of writing another artist statement make you second-guessing if your why is 'good enough'?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone! I have been exactly where you are!

Hi, I'm Christine, a multi-passionate mixed-media artist working from my atelier in Vienna, Austria, and I've been exactly where you are.

You see, for the longest time, I struggled with my own creative journey. Whenever someone asked me why I create, my mind would go blank. I would stumble over my words, feeling insecure and uncertain. It was as if I couldn't articulate the very essence of my creative being.

I tried everything to find the answer. Journaling on endless pages in notebooks, meditating and enrolling in distinct courses. I even created full collections of artwork around this topic! ("Obviously Obscure" for example exactly a year ago).

It was during this journey of self-discovery, the connection with all kinds of artists while teaching, collaborating and being visible on social media, that I realized I wasn't alone. Artists, crafters, and creatives from all walks of life are facing the same issue.

Why are you creative?

You may possess an answer deep within yourself, yet shame or guilt prevents you from admitting your true motivations. The pressure to find a reason that is deemed special or unusual for public consumption only adds to your burden. And perhaps most disheartening of all, there is a lack of awareness regarding the multitude of motivations that exist within the creative realm, as this knowledge is rarely taught or shared.

These problems create a significant barrier to reaching your goals. Without a clear understanding of why your are creative, you struggle to find the intrinsic motivation needed to fuel your artistic pursuits. You become caught in a cycle of chasing one idea after another, spending money (you don't have) on tools, material and courses you don't really need without comprehending the deeper purpose behind your creations. As a result, your work lacks direction and meaning, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and questioning your artistic abilities.

BUT THERE IS HOPE! 😍. By exploring, uncovering and committing (!) to the answer to the question, Why are you creative? you can tap into a wellspring of motivation, purpose, and inspiration. You can finally break free from the chains of uncertainty and self-doubt, embracing your unique artistic journey with confidence and passion. It's time to discover the power that lies within your creativity and unlock a world of endless possibilities.

I will help you find your one-sentence answer to the question, why are you creative? and HERE IS WHAT YOU GET!!

A 2-hour live smash session on zoom happening on FRIDAY, 8th DECEMBER 2023, 3-5pm (CET)

A smash session is a jam-packed, action-driven, result-oriented live workshop on zoom which will be a mixture between ME providing you with necessary background information and YOU working along in crafting your one-sentence answer. I will give you reflective and clarifying tasks to complete and will provide a safe, unjudgemental space to explore your artistic purpose.

By the end of the session, you'll have your one-sentence answer ready! You will gain a newfound clarity and rediscover your motivation, empowering you to pursue your art with renewed passion.

I will provide the RECORDING of the session to those missing the live masterclass.

Access to an editable Google Doc packed with all the reflective tasks and excersises to strategically guide you to your one-sentence answer

This editable and strategically put-together Google Doc is your personalized roadmap to unlock your creative potential. You will use it along the smash session to reflect on what I share and how it applies to your unique creative journey.

It will help you gain clarity on why you create, craft your one-sentence answer and serve as a resource to return in case you should feel stuck again in the future.

A pop-up Facebook group to connect, share and network with artists, crafters and creatives facing the same challenges

I will create a 1-week pop-up Facebook group of this smash session and it's artists, crafters, and creatives who understand the challenges, struggles and joys of the creative process. Share your experiences, gain inspiration, and receive valuable feedback from a network that is committed to empowering each other's artistic growth. Together, we'll celebrate your one-sentence answer, provide encouragement, and create a non-judgmental space where your creativity can truly thrive...

You do NOT need to join the group, but I highly encourage it. I will open the group on December, 7th 2023 and start with a little pre-assignement (also sent as an email) to get you ready for the jam-packed session.

BONUS ALERT! Get my individual attention!

Because I truly care that you find your one-sentence answer by the end of 8th December, 2023, I will add 1:1 access to me after the smash session! You'll have my individual attention for 4 hours after the live session (which will be around 9pm CET) on the assynchron tools of Voxer or whatsapp (whatever you prefer, will share details in due time).

You can type, voice-record or even make a video about anything which left you stuck in your quest for figuring out your purpose. I will react within a short timespan and find practical solutions or alternative angles to your struggle. We can go back and forth until either the day is over or your questions are dealt with ❤️

Because this kind of smash session can stir up emotions and you might be left with questions, insecurities or unique to you struggles, I believe it might be very helpful to have the opportunity to talk it through with me personally. Alternatively, the Facebook group will be open for a whole week.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your artistic practice!

Uncover your true motivation by embarking on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and confidence in your creative pursuits. 🥳

Join 'Confidence Boost for Artists, Crafters and Creatives' 😍

Refer a creative friend and get 50% off! Your creative friend gets 50% off, too!!

Refer a creative friend and get 50% off! Your creative friend gets 50% off, too!!

Confidence Boost for Artists, Crafters and Creatives | Uncover your True Motivation


Confidence Boost for Artists, Crafters and Creatives is a 2-hour smash session specifically designed to help you find a one-sentence answer to the question, Why are you creative?

Included in this offer is the jam-packed, action-packed, result-oriented smash session on 8th december, 2023 with an editable Google Doc to work along, a pop-up Facebook group AND as a very special BONUS: 1:1 access to me for 4 hours after the masterclass on voxer or whatsapp (asnchron messaging).

After purchasing access to the masterclass, you will instantly receive a downloadable pdf, which includes the link to the zoom room. Everything else you need to figure out your one-sentence answer will be sent as an email before 8th December, 2023.

You will get a PDF (531KB) file